Christmas Candlelight Celebration 2018 - Multiview

As you’ll see here as a theme, reviewing what we do is essential for improving. A while back, we took the time to figure out how to record our multi views as well as our clear com audio. This has helped us tremendously. Not only as operators, but as a training device as well. Instead of saying, “hey remember that one shot, or that one time in service”, we are able to pull it up, and see not only the shot that may have been funky, but we can see the shots leading up to it, to see what we could have done differently to set it up.

It’s well worth the time and energy to figure out a good way to record what happens behind the scenes. You’ll notice things right off the bat that you can improve on. Jacob is video directing here on this video, and he did an incredible job. He’s only been video directing for less than a year, and he excelling at what he does, partly because he’s able to review his work behind the scenes.